Sunday, December 12, 2010

Between Work and Play...

The end of the road for 2010 finds me juggling a million things on my admittedly less than perfectly agile hands, trying to reconcile the business side of things of being a fragrance writer and historian with the aesthetic hedonism for which you have come to know me. An intermezzo which will promenade my shadow alongside the Elysian Fields is called for, that might keep me from too much technological access. There are a couple of scheduled posts however, so you might peek for a few surprises and many tasty nuggets as soon as the machine gets re-oiled and back at full swing again. À très bientôt!


  1. A tres bientot! I will read your posts always when you will be back. Thanks for them.

  2. We'll be waiting... and reading.

  3. I love that photo!
    Oh, to be in Paris....


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