Friday, November 5, 2010

Jivago 24KGold and Jivago White Gold: new fragrances

The worship of gold has been synonymous with man (and woman) since antiquity. Now it enters fragrances as well. Building on the success of 24K, and continually inspired by the powerful meaning, positive energy and sheer beauty of gold, Ilana Jivago has created the JIVAGO Gold Collection.

24K Gold by ILANA JIVAGO – The Fragrance of Everlasting Love
An elegant, beautiful and feminine floral blend, reminiscent of great loves in life.
Opulent and precious, 24 karat gold adorns those women who have a taste for timeless elegance. ILANA JIVAGO 24K Gold is a luxuriant, modern floral blend showcasing the romantic marriage of Asian Jasmine and Tuberose, flanked by even more flowers: Bulgarian Rose, Lily of the Valley and Orris. A final note of Amber at the base offers a grounding finish, making this scent evocative of true everlasting love. ILANA JIVAGO 24K Gold contains genuine 24 karat gold as an essential element of the composition for positive giving energy. [sic]

White Gold by ILANA JIVAGO – The Fragrance of Pure Love
A delicate, clean and sensationally chic scent, inspired by the idea of love for no reason. Reflective and lustrous, white gold is worn by women who appreciate understated chic. Fresh and delicate, ILANA JIVAGO White Gold is a sparkling floral fragrance that subtly shimmers with a classic bouquet of White Peony, Lily of the Valley and Orris at its heart. These florals rest delicately upon a base of precious Rosewood, Radiant Musk and sultry Vanilla, adding a hint of sensuality to the composition. ILANA JIVAGO White Gold contains genuine white gold as an essential element of the composition for positive giving energy. [sic]

The JIVAGO Gold Collection for Women is available at and comes in: 2.5oz. Eau de Parfum, SRP $130; 1.7oz Eau de Parfum, SRP $105.00; 2.5 Parfum Diamond (24K Gold only), SRP $104.00; Eau De Toilette 2.5oz, SRP $87.00.


  1. Linda12:32

    Oh, I love the sound of these: phrases such as "timeless elegance", "understated chic".... so tempting. I haven't heard of this line, and must look on the website, BUT I don't think at the moment I can succumb (pecuniary difficulties)!
    Thank you so much!

  2. Anonymous15:15

    This sounds like a bad joke invented by a marketing wizzard and it leaves me quite cold. I don't think a serious perfumer would use gold in a composition because it doesn't really have an interesting smell. I really enjoy reading your blog, it's one of the best so I am disappointed when I read about such trifle product launches on your behalf. Best regards, Steven

  3. Linda,

    certainly the promise of chic and elegance are welcome in a world when crassness prevails. Let's see...
    You're welcome :-)

  4. Steven,

    your point is worthy of consideration on both their and my part.
    My only excuse would be trying to stay on top of new releases; it's difficult to reconcile that with my own preference on analysing the industry in more depth (hopefully, and not igniting boredom!). So, thanks, I should consider your suggestion most carefully. And thank you for the lovely compliment too.

  5. I love the bottles. White peony, I smelled it on a perfume long ago, cannot recall which one but i found it very feminine.


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