Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Monster Perfume for Lady Gaga

These days a couple of years of fame are enough to be on the radar for a celebrity scent, aka a perfume launched on the sheer power of the "of the moment" bouncing effect of a well-known name. Lady Gaga is THE name of the last couple of years, obviously (Has it been as long? You could have fooled me) and therefore the perfume deal couldn't be too far behind.
TMZ reports: “the fragrance company behind Gaga’s upcoming scent has filed trademark paperwork for the name ‘Monster’ — with a specific use of ‘perfumery.’” Is this what you had expected from a woman infamous for wearing raw meat? Apparently, raw meat will not feature as a note in the new fragrance by Coty Inc which will debut in spring 2012 (Will mince-meat pie filling do? I wonder...). But we could be hopeful: after all this would be something to really get us out of the zonked-out boredom range of most celebrity perfumes. If Gaga can't do it, no one can.


  1. ::sigh:: I am not hopeful. I predict some fairly generic woody floral thing with one big shot of something "shocking," some "unusual" note intended to denote sex.

  2. great, i hope Lady Gaga would really make some monster perfume that people would love to use..

  3. Anonymous23:23

    I'm gonna expect alot from her debut fragrance. Hey, if perfumes like 'Alien,' Angel, and Bandit made it, why not 'Monster?'
    Comme de Garcon should design the bottle too.

  4. Anonymous03:49

    I think I read it here on Perfume Shrine that Gaga enjoys gardenia, so if she follows that it should be a noticeable scent.

    But, if she follows the rules of the fragrance world it might be a waterdowned 'fresh' Celine Dione/Mariah Carey-type fragrance.

    I'm remaining hopeful though, as Gaga is such a strong personality who appears to be hands on in whatever she does.

    ~ Susan


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