Monday, May 31, 2010

The World Cup Found its Scent: Eau de Stade

No, no, not lockers and athlete's sweat on the green grass of South Africa literally (although do read on, there's interesting mention of all of those), but a fragrance specifically made for the football World Cup which is about to begin capturing the imagination of the world.
Pop sensation Rachel Steven is the face and here are the details: Eau De Stade is designed to combine the smells of the football field and the host country South Africa in a unisex fragrance designed by Sky+HD in advance of the finals and aimed as a limited edition, being sold for a limited time only. As well as essential oils sourced from South Africa, it features "the smell of fresh grass, leathery notes and the musky hints of sweat" (told you so!). Top 'nose' John Bailey of The Perfumers Guild Limited conjured up the new aroma: "Salty notes have been used to encapsulate the smell of the fresh sea breeze in Cape Town- known as the 'Cape doctor' - alongside woody, smoky hints to represent the nation's passion for barbecues, and also Tagette, an essential oil sourced directly from South Africa" he tells us.
Let's raise our glasses in hopes of the sweet smell of success for the team each one of us is rooting for!

Out starting today, June 1st 2010, at Soccer Scene's World Cup pop-up store in central London.

Info & pic from various online press sources


  1. This....actually sounds pretty cool!

  2. Oh gosh! I mean it might smell nice- but is nothing safe! and I actually like the world cup.

  3. LBV,

    like a memento of a big event! :-)

  4. K,

    I agree and the WC is always exciting :-)


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