Friday, June 11, 2010

Nina Ricci Nina L'Elixir: new fragrance

Nina Ricci augments the Nina line in the apple-shaped bottle with Nina L'Elixir, to be launched in middle of August 2010. The perfumer behind the new flanker to the gourmand Nina issued in 2006 is Olivier Cresp again backed up by Firmenich.
The concept rests again on a philtre d'amour (love philtre) which will include notes of red fruits, green Caipirinha citron, jasmine, and "cotton musk"*. The bottle will reprise the familiar shape of apple, with all its fairy-tale and sin connotations.

*"Cotton musk" refers to a synthetic musks mix which exudes a billowy soft ambience, less strident than the usual white musk inclusion.

The advertising campaign will be fronted by Florrie Arnold, the 21-year-old British sensation, who will be featured in a musical clip vested with Nina Ricci fashions and the music of Blondie hit Sunday Girl.
The new fragrance comes as a follow-up to the take-over of the company by the Puig Group, thus breathing a desire of new beginnings. Let's see...


  1. First, WTH is "cotton musk"? Second, again I have to thank Ricci's marketing department for making amply clear to me without so much as a sniff that this stuff is not something I want to wear. Saves me a lot of time & trouble!

  2. Um, wouldn't caipirinha citron just be the smell of a lime caipirinha drink?

    I was wondering about 'cotton musk'

  3. Sorry--I posted that before I finished my thought!

    I was wondering about the idea of 'cotton musk, myself.

  4. SS,

    I can't say I mustered too much enthusiasm myself. Still, it's news...I guess there are people interested in those scents.

    Cotton musk (I amended to include) is a synthetic musks mix that is billowy soft instead of rather strident like "white musk" is. Not a single ingredient ;-)

  5. LBV,

    umm yes. They churn out those notes lists in a way that it is sounding more "original" than it is most of the time.

    I have included a reference in the post about cotton musk since it's puzzling to most readers and explained to Style Spy above. Jusging by Cotton Musk fragrance by Lily Prune, it's not a bad addition at all.

  6. Again? I like the bottle, I have a weak spot for kitsch, but whatever it contained, it was blah. They should bring Bigarade back.

    On a side note, philtre d'amour means love potion, and no, I'm not smart in any way, I looked it up in a dictionary when I was writing of that Guerlain's thing:D

  7. I'm with StyleSpy, I just look at it and know I dont want to try it.
    Fruit = Ick to me, with only a few exceptions.

  8. L,

    I don't see them bringing back either Bigarade or Signoricci or those older ones. Fleur de Fleurs is another I see condemned into oblivion.

    Love potion is ever so nicer sounding, wouldn't potion give ideas about drinking the stuff?

  9. KKinDK,

    you got me there, I can't muster much enthusiasm about most fruity type stuff either (with the exception of citrusy things which usually are more classical)

  10. Though it may not be as good as some other nina fragrances, I think this one is really fresh and great for the younger crowd.

    The bottle to me is really cool - a new take on a traditional look...what do you think?

  11. Amanda19:37

    My friend and I have been looking for the great and perfect scent over the holidays.. We found this after sniffing quite a few! This was both our favorite! It is on my Christmas list this year :)


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