Thursday, June 10, 2010

Father's Day Gift Suggestions

If you're stumped while deciding what to get to your father figure for this upcoming Father's Day, we have selected a few aromatically-laced suggestions for you here, with a personal editor's choice element woven in, of course.

  • For those looking for something rustically French
Grasse-based perfume factory Molinard is offering a 15% discount on all their wares from 1st till 21st of June to celebrate Father's Day. Their products are fun and good quality, encased in beautiful, sleek packaging. You can find the link here. And if you order 50 euros or more, you will received a complimentary Campus for Him cosmetic product. I'm tempted personally by their discovery set: it would make a cute gift.

  • For aesthete types
And if you're really monied (495$ for 1.7oz/50ml! my eyes!), you can look out for The Infidels by Agonist. An art object more than just a perfume, featured at both Luckyscent [code june10 would get you free shipping in the continental US] and Aedes, its intricate crystal presentation respendid with what looks like an antenna is designed by ├ůsa Jungnelius for Kosta Boda. The Nordic sensibility of the exterior is counterbalanced by the Grasseois content of the interior; we'd like to think, at least...

  • For eco-green hunter-gatherers

Roxana Villa of Roxana Illuminated Perfume was the first perfumer to tap into the native Californian woodland known as Chaparral®. This is an organically-made unisex fragrance of all natural essences. Its main fragrance notes are: Bay, Sage, Frankincense and Woods. The evolution on the skin is particularly interesting as it moves from citrus and spice to herb and dry vegetatal wood. Chaparral was conceived as a celebration of the aromatic landscape of the State of California, with an almost incensey scent devoted to the California Native American Indians. The pure parfum extract can be bought on this link. She also offers cute perfume solids in plastic (great when you're on the go) or in metal tins (very handsome looking)

For those of you with a tight schedule (or an olfactory-adventurous father), all-naturals indie perfumer Ayala Moriel suggests their MR. MORIEL COFFRET of 8 bold and distinctive fragrances that are the most popular among the gentlemen who frequent her boutique. If you're looking for a traditional masculine touch, she recommends l’Herbe Rouge or ArbitRary, or the soapy-clean Sabotage, which adds the final touch of after-shower crispness.

  • If you want to go mainstream
You can always rely on a dependable classic too, the following choices are quality, trusted to bring a smile on and smell very good indeed: Eau Sauvage or Dior Homme by Dior, and Green Irish Tweed by Creed, for the more traditional guys. For a little more adventurous types John Varvatos or the half-forgotten but still good Jazz by YSL (and while I'm at it, I'm sorely temped by that book!). And if you want to savour the smell whenever you hug your dad as well, get him the now discontinued but still available here Gucci pour Homme in the squat bottle with the square cap. Yummy!
Also a good idea that is a treat for the eyes as well as the nose is the Classico Gift Box by Claus Porto luxury soaps: it contains 5 handsomely wrapped European 7-times milled soaps in Vetyver, Verbena, Pear Sandalwood, Vanilla Orchid and Lime Basil. If he curls up his nose at the Vanilla, grab it for yourself and leave him the rest...

  • Finally, for those of you too lazy or very, very busy
To make picking the right thing 100% foolproof, Amazon has Gift Cards for the gift of his choice for 50$ or alternatively for 100$.


  1. That crazy Agonist thing looks like the world's coolest martini shaker.

  2. SS,

    it sort of does!! I was thinking an intergalactic antenna all the whole and missed the more pleasant associations.


  3. Anonymous03:18

    fun ideas. unfortunately my father doesn't understand the concept of scented products. last time i remember him wearing anything was the '70s. and i'm not sure he even wore it. it may just have been sitting on the bathroom window sill for effect.

    that claus porto vanilla soap smells like creme brulee, so definitely grab it! and snatch a bottle of their vanilla body lotion, too. highly scented and nice and smoky and brulee!


  4. Minette,

    thanks! It's not always easy to wade through thousands of things and categorising them into decent choices.

    Pity about papa... Mine thankfully likes scents, so those Claus Porto soaps after your informed and erudite recommendation on the brulee quality of the vanilla especially sound even closer than anticipated! (fingers are clicking through an order)

  5. The thing that looks like an antenna on the Agonist bottle is actually the applicator: it's a steel rod that you dip into the liquid and then trace across your skin. I don't know how practical that is (probably more so than the brush in Ungaro Desnuda), but I kind of like it.

  6. C,

    aaaaah...thanks!! There I was thinking it was like a cordless phone base with an errant jar on top. It all makes (weird) sense now.
    Practicality I should think is at the bottom of the list of the Agonist people ;-)

  7. Wordbird09:20

    My frag-phobic hubby adores the Molinard Rasoline shaving cream I got him, so there's a suggestion for anyone who's looking for an excuse to buy something from Molinard! (Because there's always the chance that a leeeeetle something for you will fall into the basket. Well, if you've got to pay the shipping you might as well make it worthwhile, no?)


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