Thursday, June 24, 2010

Come Again?

According to Net coverage, singer Peter Andre was envisioning ...leading man George Clooney when he was giving the directions for his male celebrity fragrance Conditional (I'm almost this close to saying "Conditionner", although I realise it's a quip to his female one called Unconditional)
'If you can imagine George Clooney walking down the red carpet and how he would smell. That's how I try to imagine this smell,' quoted Andre as saying. Eh....riiiiiiiiight!
Now, what's the use of issuing an eponymous celebrity fragrance when you're setting the notes, so to speak, for consumers to fantasize about another celebrity in regards to it...that beats me!!


  1. Beats me too, time will tell just wait and see.

  2. Hi Joan!

    Or it can be just chalked up into a momentary absence of PR staff around (I'm so mean now!).

  3. Anonymous00:37

    Peter Andre, the hubster of 'Jordan' (Katie Price)? I remember their reality tv program being shown for a season in the U.S. They were strangely fascinating I have to admit.

    I wonder if Jordan/Katie has a scent out?

  4. B,

    I really have no "taste" of what they're doing, as I am not in the US. You be the judge and I trust your say.

    If I recall correctly, Katie did have frags out but they were recently pulled because there was ethical concern over the very low wages of the workers on the scents in third world countries? Something like that. Could be wrong.


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