Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Penelope Cruz for Lancome Tresor

Lancôme has signed Penélope Cruz , as the brand's third superstar spokesmodel, along with Julia Roberts and Kate Winslet. According to the official Lancôme blog she "will be the ambassador of Trésor, our iconic fragrance".
This piece of news at first surprised me, as it was so recently that we had raved about the choice of Kate Winslet for the 1990-launched classic of the house. I believed it would have been for another fragrance, probably the not so pushed Miracle Forever, previously fronted by Shalom Harlow. But no, after all, you can't get more official than the company's own blog, these days!

The new Trésor ads were shot in Paris starting April 29th with Mario Testino (and coinciding with her 36th birthday) and they will debut sometime this autumn. As you can see from the pics, Cruz is wearing an elegant one-shouldered black dress standing on the balcony at the Hotel Crillon.
The brand already has an all-star cast, with Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway, Daria Werbowy, Ines Sastre, Arlenis Sosa and Elettra Wiedemannm alongside Sandy Linter and Michelle Phan. The Spanish-born actress is now joining them. Muy caliente!

Photo credits: KCSPresse/Splash News Online,


  1. Anonymous13:57

    Tresor -- ick! I wish they'd put that money and energy into Magie Noire, their closet gem. Bring back the green & intensify the oakmoss/incense heart in a EDP formulation. I don't care whose face sells it! Call it $70 air freshener if IFRA's a problem. Think outside the box, people!

  2. Why....Tresor?!?! And they are slowly discontinuing their special collection! Aargh, FOOLS!

    But Cruz IS lovely.

  3. Anon,

    I can't say that Tresor is my favourite, but I recognise that it's a best-selling frag for Lancome. I would really love to see Penelope for Magie Noire, as she's dark and piquant and mysterious with a romantic notoriety following her...
    I fervently hope that this gem is repositioned as it deserves.
    Thanks for the belly laugh!! ;D

  4. LBV,

    the discontinuation of special collections from firms that did so with enthusiasm and the massification of the former exclusives via online options tells me that we're fronted with an era (2000-2009) that is at an end. The boom of "exciting perfumery" came and went and now it's back to business as usual. :-(

    Penelope is a classy choice, I agree.

  5. Perfumeshrine,

    I thought I'd just let you know someone stole your post and has put it up on a commercial site. The address of the post is here:

  6. M,

    thanks for alerting me. Well, that happens an awful lot. I guess it all depends on whether they are accomodating into shortening the quote so it doesn't look like I posted on their site!


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