Monday, March 22, 2010

M. Micallef discontinuation?

It's rather with a heavy heart that I bring myself to report news of discontinuations, especially of popular fragrances. But even though a dirty job, someone has to do it...and give a spin to them, when needed to nuance news.
The latest contender is the very popular and fairly recently introduced (2007) Note Vanillée by M.Micallef, which is no longer carried on Luckyscent. Note Vanillée includes top notes of tangerine and hesperides, seguing to middle notes of jasmine and honey and finishing on a blend of sandalwood, amber, bourbon vanilla, cognac and rum. It strikes a no man's land between boozy, citrusy and floral.
On the other hand the official site of M.Micallef still lists Note Vanillée as usual. It is therefore with some itrigue that I am revealing that a new enterprise of M.Micallef USA is going to be slowly unveiled very soon as per my sources, which means they're withdrawing from distribution so as to rebrand themselves.


  1. Margaret Craig McNamara20:51

    "It is therefore with some itrigue that I am revealing..."

    Spelling and grammatical errors undermine your credibility.

  2. LOL! Taking the name of an alluding-to-a-cause dead person to drive a point home, on a blog "you don't even read" as per your own words though isn't doing you any favours. What happened to the regular, so suitable avatar?

    I think I'm doing pretty well for a non-native speaker who writes hundreds of posts and works on open windows at the same time. We're not composing the Encyclopedia Britannica here. :D

  3. Hey !
    We all make typos...

    ["Frankie says : relax ! " LOL]

  4. "Itrigue" is when your combine intrigue with introspection. There's an app for it, too: iTrigue. Helps you see yourself more clearly, without needing to dispel any air of mystery you hope to retain.

    Reading might be fundamental, but any language teacher will tell you not to let correction of the "inventive spellings" get in the way of the expression of thought when working with language learners.

    :-) to all, including MCM. :)

    BTW, what in the world with Micallef? Is the US going to get a different set of scents? Talk about different languages...

  5. smartylicious01:46

    Micallef discontinued both Note Vanille and Note Ambree. They are no longer at FIF either. Very sad about Note Vanille. One of my absolute HG's.

  6. Ida,

    I guess there's a spelling police out there. Since there has no other meaningful contribution on this venue from them, I'm letting this be as is. ;P

    HOpe you're peachy!

  7. S,

    thanks honey! :D

    I know from the very person who is going to import these in the States that actually they're getting these off distribution, they're not stopped from production since they're going to be re-introduced later on. That's what I was saying in the post more or less (without "outing" the person, you comprehend)

  8. Smarty,

    thanks for the added info!
    They both still appear on the official site, so I have hopes. Like I said to Scentself above, I have communicated with the president of the company who is going to distribute this line under the M.Micallef US brand name and he told me they're repositioning themselves. That means they're tightening distribution, hence the discintinuation from the online boutiques I believe.

  9. No, no no! I wish this would stop happening. I really love Note Vanillée. I wish, at least, if they had to discontinue fragrances that I love, they'd wait until I've got the $$$ to buy myself a full bottle!
    I guess I'm just going to have to horde my 10ml.

  10. Oh my, I like both Note Ambree and Vanillee. And like some of you, I would've snapped them up if they weren't so expensive. I live in the boondocks, online purchasing is pretty much the only way I can buy niche fragrances!!! So I'm disapointed they're moving away from online boutique distribution.

  11. P,

    I might have been not so clear: I know they're repositioning themselves in the US (as I said in the end of the article and in a comment above). Therefore it's temporary IMO. Courage!

  12. Tango,

    thanks for commenting and sorry that this makes it more difficult for you. It's true that online buying comes so handy! I suppose the new distributors will launch something along those lines? It would make sense, since the competition has online presence.

  13. Tara C17:29

    I talked to Franco at Luckyscent last week, he said that after Micallef revamps their distribution system he will be getting a bunch more Micallefs in stock. So just be patient! :-)

  14. Pete10:13

    So the mystery is solved- Note Vanillee is coming back in the new packaging, smaller size and under newly created "Art Collection" label.
    It is already available at Aus Liebe zum Duft, might be sold only there though.
    Best weekend greetings!

  15. Tara,

    thanks for the added info, much appreciated! It seems to point out that the new US distributor will use well-accustomed media of retail.

  16. Pete,

    amazing, thanks so much for your efforts and for suppling it here for our readers!
    I just hope that the new smaller size won't be the same price as the old one? (I admit the Art Collection label sounds a pit...pretentious, even if I like the quality of the Micallefs. Everyone is touting their art nowardays, doesn't it seem so?)

  17. Sassy122:37

    Interesting...anyone know about the recent flood of "Le Parfum" #'s 11, 21 and 31 on Ebay, Amazon etc?

    Any does anyone know what classification they fall under? I can't find a list of notes anywhere!

  18. S,

    I am not really sure (so couldn't proclaim with any authority) but someone might be able to help you if they see this. If I recall correctly, these were not in the Gourmands collection and should be more classical compositions.

  19. S,

    I am not really sure (so couldn't proclaim with any authority) but someone might be able to help you if they see this. If I recall correctly, these were not in the Gourmands collection and should be more classical compositions.


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