Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gap Close: new fragrance

The American giant, Gap, is presenting their new fragrance, Close. Designed by Patrick Robinson of Gap, Givaudan perfumery and the Interparfums group, Close is a casual fragrance which aims to be "sexy, sensual and pretty". Close to your object of affection? Possibly.
Notes for Gap Close include almond blossom and salty hesperides for the top, freesia, jasmine, daphne and stephanotis for the heart, alongside sandalwood, musk and a touch of vanilla for the warmer, sensual base. I admit it doesn't sound half-bad, although of course a list of notes is usually nothing to depend on.

The packaging reprises the egg-shaped tactile feeling which helped make Agent Provocateur a success, but in white and with a brushed silvery cap, to evoke "a pure sensuality and modern simplicity".

Aiming at the casual customer who scent-shops alongside their clothes, Close is positioned at the lower end of the market: 24 euros for 100 ml, 17 euros for 50 ml and 6 euros for 10 ml at Sephora and the Gap boutiques network starting January 19th.


  1. This is definitely warm but modern at the same time. It is really sensual and smooth as the bottle shape.

    It's definitely worth a try.

  2. Funny, when I think of "a pure sensuality and modern simplicity" I rather think of striking against my hair, shoulders and back by the loving hand. Do you think "Close" can do that? :o)

  3. Mihwa,

    you seem to know a LOT about it even before its launch!

  4. M,

    LOL, you're absolutely right!! I think not.

  5. AromaX,
    HmmMm.. I don't think it can do all that. But you can try it anyway. =)

  6. Perfumeshrine,
    Close has been out for a little while in NYC GAP stores. I have had a chance to try it a couple of times.


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