Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hello Kitty Woman: new fragrance (or Embracing Your Inner Child)

Fans of the definitive girly brand Hello Kitty by Sanrio ~and there are many~ will be delighted to find that after children's fragrances and millions of accessories, a new (pink) juice for adults (debatable...) under the name Hello Kitty Woman is launching under the aegis of Koto Parfums. Composed by Corinne Cachen, this new gourmand is based on the preference of the creator on candied red apples: The glossy sugar exterior hiding freshness inside, created by hesperidic notes of grapefruit, is also featuring notes of licorice which remind Cachen of her childhood, as well as raspberry and musk.

The kawaii packaging in white and rose will have Japanese young ladies all amok, I predict! Just what we needed I guess, another pink fruity floral! But well, fans of the kitschy kitten aren't to be trifled with. Have you seen their guns???

Available in 50ml/1.7oz and 100ml/3.4oz for 48 euros and 68 euros respectively at 80 Marrionaud in France, whereas beginning of December 2009 Hello Kitty Woman will expand into larger international markets.


  1. Anonymous07:37

    I have to confess I, too, have a thing for Hello Kitty (I was in LA earlier this year and stumbled upon this Hello Kitty store.. pure bliss!)... no way I am going to get the fragrance though, but still interesting to know.. the gun is SCARY!! Cheers, Wendy H

  2. *headdesk*
    The gun reminds me of what one of my buddies said regarding computers and cameras: 'They are either good and generally usable, or colourful.' I'll ask my officer friend what does she think about pink guns but as I know her, she'd say something snarky, like, yeah, I show it to the offender and he'll be dead laughing.
    I think the Local Bakery (if we have such thing) should start a frag. Plum pie with rum would totally nail it. Or the Local Yarn Store. Qiviut/merino blend, for example, smells heavenly. That would rock. Candied red apples are no big deal, I haven't tasted a remarkable red apple for years.
    (it's kawaii, by the way)

  3. am a wee bit tired of pink fruity florals ... but I'll take the bottle! ;O

  4. I'm just wondering what it would take to force my DH into that HK underwear.
    Seriously, it would make my day to know he was walking around with that under his trousers, LOL.
    Maybe I'm not normal, but I have a lot of fun.

  5. Hello Wendy!!

    Well, erasers are something else and fragrances a whole different story, eh? :-) Whole stores devoted to the kit-kat, you say. It's insanely popular, but I never thought there would be guns fashioned after it.

    Thanks for the mail as well, will respond in full shortly!

  6. L,

    I am totally behind you.
    the local bakery isn't a bad idea AT ALL!! After all half the market smells of it already!!

    Oh and thanks on the typo, goes to show you just how much attention I paid to the launch. Going to edit now.

  7. L,

    that bottle is cute, the many berries and sweet stuff, are we sure we're not talking about a pre-teen frag? *snark*

  8. P,

    LOL! You sure are fun!! (Glad someone got my joke!)

  9. I seem to recall a Japanese-studying friend telling me that kawaii = cute and kowai = scary and kawai = not a word.

  10. There you are, you got me! I am blissfully oblivious to the finer nuances. It could work both ways, regarding the fragrance, couldn't it? *evil grin*


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