Thursday, October 1, 2009

Le Labo Fabrice Penod interview

Le Labo is known for many things, among which is the numerotical labeling (each perfume is named according to the number of ingredients as well as the main material), their ultra-hip site, their clinical approach to packaging and sales assistants as well as the "of this minute compounding", and their reluctancy to hand out samples (because they're not "fresh enough" if you can believe it).

Time Out Chicago (I simply love those Time Out guides!) happens to have an interview with Fabrice Penod, co-founder of ultra-hip brand Le Labo (The other founder is Eddie Roschi). In it he discusses memory, desire and Proust (well..) with some funny "translation language" (that's what I call it) and some contradictions. Still there are his "strong memory of a fig tree my grandmother had in her backyard, so it’s emotional for me every time I smell that", the "idea of making people more sexual with our perfume than without it", how Oud 27 is very "dirty", the explanation of their city-exclusives fragrances and the (news alert?) upcoming Chicago exclusive scent.
But perhaps the most lovely line of the whole interview is borrowed from a well-known Italian designer he was working with: "Elegance is not made to be noticed. It’s to be remembered". Bravo!

Read the whole article on Time Out Chicago by Jessica Herman.

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  1. I will have to remember this "Elegance is to be remembered" point. That's indeed very true. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Andy,

    I will always remember how my mother defined it once for me: "An elegant woman is one that passes you by and you don't really stare at her, but when she's passed, you turn your head to look again and again".

    Hope you're relaxing (or copying with what you have to do!)



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