Sunday, August 23, 2009

"When You’re Young, you Don’t Really Understand the Idea of Less is More"

There is a peculiar sense of style running with Ann Hatahaway it seems. According to My Fashion Life the 26-year-old actress is so brand-loyal/icon-impressed she even opts for things she doesn't really, really like!

“I will always love Chanel and I am completely irrational when it comes to their clothes. I will see a dress and not like it but when I hear it’s Chanel, I suddenly have to have it.” This apparently has earned her a place on the Best Dressed List recently, although one has to wonder: if you don't actively like what you're wearing does that make you stylish? She has also been famously known to opt for Maresha, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci, and Marc Jacobs among others. Ann reverts to simpler fashions for everyday life, following the lead of Kate Winslet.
Could fragrances be far behind, we wondered? According to our Celebrity List not, since Ann seems to have been opting for Chanel's Chance for some while now. Is it because she likes it as much or is it because it's Chanel? Therein lies the question (with many others too I bet), still her fragrant reminiscences are interesting: “I remember being given my first fragrance when I was 12. It was a peach body spray and when you’re young, you don’t really understand the idea of less is more. Now, as the face of Lancome’s Magnifique I have to say that it’s one of my favourite scents. I love the smell of fresh roses.”
What happened to Les Exclusifs to which I am sure she has free access along with her Chanel gowns? I will ascribe this one to a diplomatic reply.

Pic of Ann Hathaway in Chanel look from the film The Devil Wears Prada via


  1. Interesting. She does look good in Chanel, but it's hard for me to imagine buying something that expensive, especially if I didn't actually like it!
    I understand the "gotta collect them all" mentality, but it's a urge that I usually get past. When considering an expensive purchase I make myself wait days, weeks, or even months, to make sure that I really do LOVE it.
    But she's obviously several leagues ahead of me in the budget department.

    But since we share a first name, I'll happily scent her in Chanel as well - I think Sycomore would be great for her (and at the moment, it's my favorite Chanel). I think the slightly masculine touch of Sycomore would be an elegant addition to her classic feminine features. I've always loved a bit of a boyish touch on a beautiful woman.
    It just works.

  2. A,

    I certainly try to resist the collector's urge myself. It's not really as satisfying if the items collected don't ever get used, is it?
    She does look great and I bet Sycomore (which I find exquisitely beautiful) would suit her fabulously. What a great thought!


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