Friday, June 5, 2009

How much love kills?

I'm a little rushed today so there's no review, but in the spirit of keeping you on your toes and allowing you more airtime with your comments I included a clip of one of my favourite films, "Romeo is bleeing" (1993) with Gary Oldman, Annabella Sciorra, Lena Olin, Roy Schneider and Juliette Lewis. It's much darker than it looks from the following clip with the romantic "Too Much Love Will Kill You" song by the Queen, be warned.
So please be my guest and free-associate: Have you ever been in a comparable situation? Were you wearing something scented in particular? Would you have thought of something in particular as fitting? Or simply state what you think the characters should wear. The ball is in your park!

The draw for the Mitsouko Fleur de Lotus is still open and I will accept all comments till midnight. Hope to announce the winner by Monday.

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  1. Anonymous17:01

    Love that movie, in fact I just watched it again this past weekend. I find it hard to wear scent in similar circumstances, it seems to interfere too much. But when I wear Narcisse Noir (vint),Narcisse Blanc or Tabac Blond they conjure up a similar kind of scenario in my head.

  2. I haven't seen the movie... and it was depression and social phobia that almost killed me.... I was 19 or so so I suppose I wore Le Male then, didn't have anything else.

  3. Rappleyea22:37

    You went for the jugular today! As a woman of a certain age, I've been in that situation (too much love will kill you) twice, and the situations were 20 years apart. I've spent the last five years getting over the last one. On the positive side, I've spent that time working on my own hieros gamos, which I think may be the ultimate relationship for all of us.

    While not the only perfume I wore, Je Reviens (in extrait) was the one I wore the most often. For that reason, my bottle is up for sale on Scent Spits.

  4. Anonymous01:04

    Well...I've made this situation to a guy once. I'm not proud of it. But I remember my fragrance: it was Armani Mania by perfumer Dominique Ropoin. It's not considered a masterpiece, but I actually really like it. And I swear every time he hugged me he wanted to feel the smell.

  5. What a fabulous, fabulous entry! Not only do I get to see one of my favorite actors in a movie I have never seen before, I am led to go Goodle hieros gamos, of which I had no idea so far, admittedly.

    So, to answer your question, I have been in such an intense situation as the one referenced in the video but on the receiving end. It was not pretty and it took me a while to get over the notion of 'the thing that would not be', but in the end I survived.
    That period of my life was "marked" (lol) by Aqua di Gio, just because it was so popular at the time, and to this day I'm not sure whether it's because I've become fed up with it through overexposure or because it's tied to this bittersweet relationship that I cannot wear it any longer.
    The fact remains in any case.

  6. I meant Google of course. It's your own fault, you know, you have made me think back on a stressful period. :P

  7. Nika,

    thanks for commenting! Love tht movie too and it's so dark and modernised, the evilest femme fatale too in it, eh?
    Your scent choices do have something of the hyper-romantic ache, I agree. NN is very much leaving the other party devastated too!

  8. L,

    oh, baby, sorry about that. Le Male then? I wouldn't have thought it, it's quite a sweet little number and comforting in its way.

    Do catch up on the film, lots of tidbits to dissect for hours! (the villains, the intertextuality, the strip-tease, etc) ;-)

  9. Donna,

    I did, eh? It's never an easy thing, people grow apart and it's a natural process sometimes, other times it's more of a change in goals...or fate. Sorry you went through it, but I agree with your Jungian semiotics, there is a deeper relationship with ourselves which needs coaxing.
    And funny how perfume has the ability to bring forth memories, sweet or bitter, or remind us of a certain period. I have some which remind me of happy days and I cherish them for that. I understand Je Reviens has changed dramatically over the years too!

  10. alex16:42

    Like many others I've been there...At that sad/mad time I was wearing Michael (M Kors)and he Le Male....Great challenge about what characters should wear! For him Vierges et Toreros(ELDO)and for her Diorissimo PdT

  11. Helg,
    I got Le Male just when it arrived to our backwater and it was launched at the time when I was depressed - there were other things that caused my nervous breakdown and all that fun. I got Boucheron when I was half-recovered and that's the one I cannot wear anymore because of some weird memories and associations. It pissed me that the bottle wasn't really ring-shaped, with the hole in the middle (yes, sometimes I'm very primitive). I wear Le Male until nowadays although not too often.

    Just as a side note, one of my favouritest movies ever is Year of the Devil. About music and booze and spontaneous self-ignition. Should you feel like it, have a peek at the blog, I wrote my own rant on kitsch, too.

  12. Je m'en fous,

    well...these thing happen, I guess.
    You must be referring to the newer Mania, the fruity one with the salmon-beige cap? I didn't know it was by Ropion, seems more mannered than his exhuberant style. I know well the older one with the black cap by Cavallier, which is very mysterious.
    How scents tend to create a deep and lasting impression though, eh? It's extra nice when one is identified through their smell.

  13. S,

    by all means, glad Perfums Shriners are proving to be intellectually stimulating!

    I would deduce that it would be a matter of both factors contributing in your case. I swear I was smelling AdG everywhere some time ago too. It's harder when it's something that is ubiquitous, eh? It jogs the memories even if you try your best to avoid it, did you find yourself it's so?

    This is one of the reasons why I try to pick rarer scents to mark events: if they prove to be less than happy, at least I won't be greeted by the grief on every passer-by in the future. Not that I always succeed...

  14. Alex,

    must have picked a collective "springboard for memories" today eh? Michael is sure conductive to being remembered and I guess LM in its way as well.

    Love your choices for the characters! She's not as she seems, which is greatly caught in Diorissimo! And he's one messed-up guy!

  15. L,

    if you still wear LM, then I'm not afraid, you can cope well.
    The Boucheron bottle I think is only supposed to have the hole in the middle in the parfum concentration? It definitely is a great beauty though, should review it at some point!

    YOTD a Czech film, huh? I hope it's available here or youtube has clips of it. Off to search!! Thanks!!

    And of course I will be popping over to read rants :-))

  16. It's a Czech movie, it even got a few awards. I'll try to find some linkies.

    And, I dohave Boucheron in parfum. No hole in it, bastards:D

  17. Anonymous01:57

    Yes, Armani Mania with a beige cap and orange-gold juice in it. I don't think of it as fruity, I don't get any fruits from it except some mandarin (tangerine) on top. For me it's spicy-ambery-woody, but that's probably because I didn't know the original one.
    and yes, according to fragrantica the nose behind it is Dominique Ropoin (he's made some burberrys and CK Euphoria and Very Irresistible witch I dislike - all of them - those are fruity!). It's funny: I haven't worn it in 3 years but people still associate it with me and all my new perfumes I tend to compare to that one. Even Eau des Merveilles - my current favourite - has some citrus-pink pepper-amber-woods qualities I loved so much about it. Maybe it is time to revisit:)


  18. L,

    bah....the ads are SO lying! I have and cherish the EDP, it's scrumptious!

    Do find a link, please, if you can :-)

  19. J m'en F,

    there you go...I learned something. I think there is a vague resemblance to the current crop of Coco Mlle progenies in many of those fragrances, maybe that's it.
    I should compare the EdM with M side by side, though, what an interesting thought! I would never think of EdM as anything other than woody-dry ambery (with a touch of salty) and very pleasing in the heat.


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