Friday, April 10, 2009

Hayden Christensen is up for a Challenge

Challenge, the new masculine fragance by Lacoste, picks Hayden Christensen for its face. The young actor has been most memorably cast as the young Darth Vader in the Star Wars prequels. (episode 2 and 3). The choice is refreshing and Hayden is a rather good actor, so no booing on by side. Stefano Galluzi has shot the print ads while Paul Gore has directed the commercial, in which Christensen is about to fly catching a bottle of Lacoste Challenge instead of the raquet. The slogan of the campaign is "Don't resist to the appeal of the game" which of course ties with the tennis tradition of René Lacoste.

The aromatic cologne is based on an hesperidic top (tangerine, citron, bergamot) over a heart comprising of notes of ginger, juniper, lavander and violet. The finishing polish is provided through Ebony wood. (this is an aromasynthetic for those of you wondering).

Challenge will launch in 50, 70 and 90 mL at 40, 50 and 60 euros respectively, and a line of ancilary products.


  1. Anonymous11:54

    Good idea to begin with but I beg to differ the execution. I find with an animated pose the body's proportion is crucial in an ad, and Heyden's legs look either too short or, hrr, non-existent (and some goes to his arms). The bottle is located on the correct spot of the ad (right on the focal point in this case if you ask me) but the layout is a bit cluttered. Oh well, I hope the commercial fare better.

  2. LOL, you have a point!
    I think the whole concept is a tennis player who's "jumping" to catch the ball (although we see no racket, the bottle acts as both the imaginary handle and the masculine touch...)The legs do seem a little disproportionate, even taking in mind we're seeing him from slightly above.
    What I can't justify nevertheless is the darn car. What's that supposed to signify?? $-/


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