Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back with news...

Tired but stimulated and with several suprises to share with you during the course of the following days. For the moment however I have to let you know that the derisive Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens, after rumours and speculation to its potential demise which we discussed on this venue, is formally taking the road into the Exclusives line, that is the bell jars at Les Salons du Palais Royal which can be purchased only in Paris. Fans of its phenylacetic acid derived honey/urine note with no access to those are therefore advised to stock up!
L'Artisan Pafumeur on the other hand is issuing a second 100% natural and Ecofert approved organic fragrance after Eau de Jatamansi. Céline Ellena created Côte d'Amour which debuts in May. This time the inspiration has been the Breton coastline with its nostalgic Breton-top evocations (so Chanel, huh?) and the seascape smell with the iodine ambience of the sea air. Notes include: salty, hesperidic and woody accord, mandarin, pink grapefruit, rosemary, immortelle/everlasting flower, cypress, broom, rose, heather, gorse flowers, maritime pine.

The next post will be really meaty and provide a little controversy. Stay tuned!


  1. Soooo meaty!

    I hope Côte d'Amour is better than Jatamansi. That smelled like Aveda hair products to me, which are not my fave.


  2. Cote A'Amour sounds wonderful- I think Celine Ellena is as talented as her Papa (I adore Sel De Vetiver and this sounds like it has more salt in it)

    Back from hols so need to do a perfume shrine catch up!

  3. Hello, darling !
    Did you have a good time ?

    I just got back from Sniffa, and we preview -sniffed this.
    It is gloriously fleeting-
    In drydown, reminds Jarvis and myself of Thai chicken coconut soup...

    With the cream [ which is HEAVEN- and BLUE- from spirulina]-
    It should last a bit longer.....

  4. Trish

    thanks for the comparison, hadn't tought of Jatamansi that way!

  5. K,

    I love Sel de Vetiver too! I'd hope for something comparable.

  6. Salaam21:41

    Cara Elena, Ecocert is a bluff certification. The biotecnologies have been used to produce new molecules that do not exist in nature from organic and non organic materials. Even perfumers are not allowed to have information on the original raw material and on the proceedings of production. These are reserved info and patented molecules and proceedings.
    You could not patent an essential oil.
    You are presented with 99% pure molecules, smelling like chemical notes, but they are certified ecocert.
    I have seen that this label is a mistification.
    THe original perfumery labels such as "essential oil", "absolute", concrete", "pure and natural" ecc..., used by all the raw material dealers are sufficient as certifications of naturality, along with the tecnical sheets.
    Ecocert is not a label that has been created by the industry in order to limit the definition of naturality but rather to expand it.
    AbdesSalaam Attar

  7. Hi I!

    Perfect and foot and stomach exhausting, so I can't complain
    (came back to news of a major earthquake in central Italy which is soooo sad!)
    Interesting comparison, LOL! Spirulina has a curious texture and feel. Is it incorporated in the cream? Hmmmm..
    Thanks for the reportage!

  8. Salaam,

    thanks for a most interesting comment!! It sounds like just another marketing techniquem doesn't it. I have to report how they name it, I guess, but I will be sure to take this into consideration when reviewing and when writing about the stuff in the future. If by expanding it you mean including non-biological compounds, it;d be wicked.
    I know that several of those organic frags I tried are terribly fleeting and compared to other all naturals it seems a puzzle. Don't they use concretes and natural fixatives?


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