Sunday, March 8, 2009

Eau Sensuelle by Rochas: new flanker to Eau de Rochas

The iconic summer fresh scent of Eau de Rochas is joined by a new flanker, Eau Sensuelle. Three years ago Reflets d’Eau de Rochas in feminine and masculine versions was the first foray into flankers for this scent and now a new one joins the ranks, with the emphasis on a rather richer and probably sweeter -by the looks of it- interpretation. The interesting part is that Eau Sensuelle by Rochas will be the first creation of Jean-Michel Duriez, the new in-house perfumer for Rochas and resident perfumer at head of parfums Jean Patou for some years now.
Notes for Eau Sensuelle include: sanguine orange, bergamot, mango, dried fruis, pink pepper, jasmine sambac from India, iris and white musks.
Launch is scheduled for April 1st for 62 euros for 100ml.

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  1. I SO look forward to sniffing this.
    Not much activity from Rochas- comparatively- over the years...

  2. my interest has recently been very pricked by Rochas scents, they seem so mysteriously hard to find and I sense they might be unappreciated gems.

  3. I've heard that this is lovely... now I must try it- thank you!

  4. Anonymous14:21

    A Rochas fan here so look forward to trying this. donanicola

  5. I,

    I am mostly interested in what Duriez might do for his first foray into Rochas. I can't say that I am overexcited judging by the notes (seems a little predictable?), but will be sampled I guess.

  6. K,

    some of them are definitely very worthy and quite elegant in their own bold/delicate way! Like Femme, Madame Rochas, Rochas Man ~yummy on a woman too!~ and there are also the hidden ones like Moustache, Mystère, Tocadilly...

    Taking in mind that they had issued a very glam line of upscale makeup about a decade ago IIRC and then discontinued it without a trace, I hope the fragrances don't tank and they decide to take them off the market en masse. (These things have been known to happen....)At any rate occupying Duriez shows some desire to keep things going, so it's optimistic!

  7. J,

    try both the original Eau de Rochas (a lovely summery splash!)and the new Eau Sensuelle: it would be fun to compare!

  8. N,

    I thought you would be! I find that as a house with actually so many good fragrances they're terribly silent (and we are too, I guess) about them, no?

  9. Oi. Também adoro Mystere, Madame Rochas e Tocadilly.
    Perfumes eternos.
    Não conheço Eau Sensuelle mas espero uma composição a altura dos anteriores.
    Rochas foi uma grande marca de perfumes. É necessario que retome seu esplendor. Beijocas

    TRANSLATOR :Hello. Also I adore Mystere, Madame Rochas and Tocadilly. Perpetual perfumes. I do not know Eau Sensuelle but I wait a composition the height of the previous ones. Rochas were a great mark of perfumes. It is necessary that it retakes its esplendor. kisses Elisabeth

  10. We are too quiet about these. I saw Byzance in a tiny chemist the other day and then went to my scent books. It sounds good but they didn't have a tester? (I hate places that don't have testers, it totally spoils my fun!)

  11. Thank you Elisabeth!
    I agree with you that they are eternal in their own way. I do hope they will issue something worthwhile, although I don't raise my hopes that high. The brand deserves some worthy continuation.

    (On an unrelated note: it's amazing how much I can understand without the transl;ation and without knowing the language just because I'm a Latin and French scholar)

  12. K,

    I believe Byzance is quite opulent, 80's in feel and has an ambience that is not much further than Opium. I liked the blue bottle most of all. You could sample it I guess at Harrod's, I'm sure they would have it (?).
    Just take care not to be confused with Byzantine, now discontinued.


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