Sunday, December 21, 2008

New fragrances from Korres: 3 new Eaux de Toilette

Korres, the famous Greek brand of skincare and cosmetics, had tentatively explored the world of fragrance with their body waters, a line of light eaux for after showering refreshment accompanying their bath-products line, in such scents as the Amaretto-echoing Bitter Almond, the piquantly astrigent Basil Lemon and the austerely sonorous Cedar (the latter highly recommended, by the way!).
Now they're issuing a trio of more traditional Eaux de Toilette, destined to be proper fragrances rather than soli-nuanced scented waters and with greater tenacity ~a complaint that some people had with some of the previous Body Waters. The new line of fragrances is comprised by:

RoseWood/Blackcurrant/Cyclamen for women,
Saffron Amber/Agarwood/Cardamom for men and
Pepper Jasmine/Gaiac Wood/Passion Fruit for both sexes, to be shared.

I like to think that if I like the men's one (sounds like it comprises at least two of my favourite notes!), I could borrow it too! *wink, wink*

Korres is a Greek company with roots in the first homeopathic pharmacy of Athens. Naturally derived, top quality active ingredients, clinically tested for effectiveness are used, "aiming in the creation of natural, beneficial and safe products for skin, hair and body which however are also a sensory pleasure to use".
Following the policies of the company on matters of eco-consciousness and minimizing allergy risks, the new trio of Eaux de Toilette are phthalate-free and PCM-Compound Free.

The new Eaux de Toilette have just launched in Greece with plans to bring them out in the international market later on.

Pic of Korres family via Beautyworks.


  1. O, those are exactly my favorite scents from the Korres line too, especially Cedar. Not that I've tried that many body gels, but they're my favorite: the rare B&B line that doesn't make everything sugary, and yet doesn't cost an arm and a leg because some "individuality" has gone into it.

  2. D,

    especially the Cedar, exactly as you say! Isn't it great?
    I love their scents for that exact reason which you described so very well! There are also some festive scents in the body gels which are boozy and warm ("glogg wine" among them!)which I am not sure have launched internationally and I also love their Jasmine shower gel for summer: wish they issued this as an alcoholic product :-))

  3. I am intrigued by the saffron amber/agarwood/cardamom as well. And now I'll have to search out the Cedar, based on your recommendation!

  4. I'm a big Korres fan so am excited about trying these. My friend and I are devoted to their shower gels and get very excited when new ones are released! I love the cedar and have just bought the spearmint which is new here and lovely.

  5. J,

    I'd figure you would be! Cedar is very nice. If you don't want to use the body water, by all means grab the shower gel ;-)

  6. K,

    another one in the cult! I haven't tried the Spearmint one (can you believe?), I should seek it out!

  7. Anonymous13:55

    I think I have previously declared love for Korres. Cedar and Vanilla and Cinnamon (not sweet and foody, just warm and cosy) are my favourites but love the Fig and Jasmine ones in the summer. The skincare isn't half bad either. I hope these edts will soon be released in the UK - I'll be queueing up to try them! I may not comment again - so Festive Greetings to you, E! donanicola

  8. Hi E, it's lovely, sweet but not sickly mint. I imagine it's going to be fabulous in hot weather.

  9. N,

    I recall we had discussed this at some point. It is as you say! I hope the new ones make it to the UK soon.

    Fragrant festive greetings to you!! I will share my wishes with all of you from this venue of course, but I specifically hope you have a lovely time :-)

  10. K,

    thanks for the additional description: it sounds like it has already gained a place on my spring list! :-))

  11. Anonymous16:23


    I'm from Greece and I haven't found in stores yet the new 3 fragrances from Korres, although there are 4 new body sprays - i can recall jasmine and fig - totally different in packaging and scent than the previous 7. I think that the older body spray line will be discontinued.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Korres has a great variety of products that can't be found in every country. Recently i found out some limited editions of Korres Shower Gel on the net that weren't available in Greece the Summer (vacations and shopping is difficult to match). If you are interesting you can take a look at my blogs.

  14. Anonymous23:37

    Dear friends,
    Korres new fragrances are available now at . Even thow you may not be in Greece, now you can get them wherever you may be from this great site. Personally, I tried the masculine eau de toilette. Its great. Warm and woody, it lasts for hours!


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