Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Flights

Along with the good people at Herm├Ęs who sent me this, I am wishing you all a most happy, spooky Halloween.


  1. Mike Perez01:29

    Happy Halloween Helg!

  2. Mike P beat me to the alliteration...

    so I'll simply wish you a fragrantly frightful day!

  3. stella p09:18

    Wish you a happy Halloween!

    By me is is quietly snowing, and later today it is a train trip to the mountains - to the small place Storlien across the border in Sweden, together with the other members of my orchestra.
    Surrounded by Opium now it is out to find some flat healed winter shoes that is fit for walking on ice and snow (not so easy a mission..)

  4. Thanks M! HOpe you have a good one :-)

  5. S,

    I should probably wear something spooky tonight, huh? *what it will be, what it will be...*

  6. S,

    snowing!!!!! Gosh, we'll probably see snow here sometime around February if lucky (OK, I am hoping to catch some on my travels before that, but cab't pre-schedule the weather I guess).
    Have lots of fun, successful shopping and lots of music with wafts of Opium to accompany it. *sigh, ah....*


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