Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The results for the Tauer full bottle and sample draw will be announced tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but the participation has been overwhelming with over 100 entries to run through the random site (my fingers ache but it was worth it).
Thanks for your understanding!


  1. Well - it's always nice to get comments to your entries. But when it becomes above 100... it also requires time and patience.

    You did it ! And you were still blogging next to the making of all those random.org entries. Thanks a lot ;-)

  2. Mike Perez22:55

    Massage those tired fingers Helg - we don't want you to drop those full bottles on the floor, now do we? :)

  3. Elizabeth05:04

    Wow, thank you for going through all that, Helg!

  4. See, it's kindness like this that keeps me going, thank you :-)

    And Mike, I don't have the bottles (only the samples), Andy does: I will direct winners to Andy directly. But those fingers will definitely gets their own massage!

  5. Helg,

    I have contacted Andy. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the bottle, and for your hard work!

  6. You're very welcome, dear Claudia. :-)


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