Thursday, August 14, 2008

Perfumed Party at Versailles

Takasago perfumer Francis Kurkdjian has concocted three scented creations as part of Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes de Versailles, a nighttime event at the chateau of Versailles through Aug. 23 involving fountains, fireworks, art and music. For the Salle de Bal, Kurkdjian created fragranced candles that waft strains of violet reminiscent of the scented powder worn by dancers during Louis XIV’s time. Some 600 are lit each day of the event. For the garden, Kurkdjian dreamed up the PrĂ©am-Bulles installation that blows bubbles smelling of pear, strawberries and melon - the Sun King’s favorite fruits. Elsewhere on the chateau’s grounds, there’s the Chutt D’eau project involving a mist Kurkdjian scented with a metallic rose.

Source: Woman's Wear Daily


  1. pavlova13:27

    Oh...what a treat it would be to visit Versailles and experience this!! If only I were in Paris...sigh...

  2. P,

    indeed it was fantastically extravagant in both concept and execution!


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