Monday, July 21, 2008

New from Kenzo: Power for men

Kenzo is fond of flowers and thus in an unexpected twist he bases his latest fragrance for men on their image. Specifically he has envisioned the abstract tulipe sauvage: wild tulip, which Olivier Polge has materialised into Kenzo Power, a fragrance that encompasses the notes of bergamot, coriander, cardamom and cedarwood in a fresh woody composition which incarnates the new man according to Kenzo.
Power rhymes brilliantly with Flower, the bestseller for women by Kenzo, which also focuses on an imaginary vision of a flower: poppy, this time. Flowers for men have seen a resurgence lately, after the gignatic flop of Incense by Givenchy which attempted to break the mould and offer just that: a floral for men. The rise of metrosexuals however signals a new lease for life for this genre and already Farhenheit 32 and Fleur du Mâle with their abstract synthetic orange blossom, as well as Dior Homme with its rooty iris by the same nose as Power, have paved the path for a braver stance on the masculine-aimed shelves of the average department store.
Power doesn't sound too flowery, admitedly, but they promise a concept of assured power, masculinity and poetry as well, encased in a metal bottle that is inspired by the Japanese Saké bottles. First impressions talk about an overdose of spices for the fresh, biting effect, a powdery feel reminiscent of Dior Homme, aldehydic accents like Farhenheit32 and a salty aftertaste. It sounds like it should be an eminently fit to be shared between the sexes fragrance! Ladies take note!
We can but wait: the new fragrance comes out in 20 August in an Eau de Toilette spray 60 ml retailing for 53 €.
In the meantime I am leaving you with the artsy Japanese make-up and look of the Flower by Kenzo commercial from a few years ago.

Info and pic (photo Patrick Guedj for Kenzo) via Clip originally uploaded by SmokeyEye87 on Youtube


  1. Anonymous10:41

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  2. Merryl,

    my subtle hint before was not taken well, I see...
    I am sorry, but this is a spam-free area so your advertisement has been deleted.

  3. Anonymous15:18

    I like their Tokyo, but it got so many bad words on basenotes, I thought that maybe I am weird. :-)
    I don't like this metrosexual type of man but I also can't imagine what can replace this trend in the future.
    Have a nice day

  4. I absolutely love the Kenzo's bottles, but I have yet to find a fragrance that works for me, I had high hopes for Flower at one point, but found something off about the powder (and I like powder). I'm intrigued by the salty concept in Power.

  5. L,

    why think that? I haven't tried Tokyo, but bad reviews usually intrigue me to try for myself!
    I am not one for the metrosexuals either, but...c'est le dernier cri! I don't think it's over anytime soon.
    Have a great day you too, dear!

  6. J,

    I especially liked the Kenzo Amour lacquered bottles with their Japanese kitch appeal! And the black poppy in the Flower Oriental.
    Have you tried the red aluminum Flower le Parfum? It's a different twist with more vanillic notes and powder: I think it would be more suitable to you than the regular in the clear bottle.


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