Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mother's Day suggestions

Many wonderful suggestions out there for the one person in our lives who loves us no matter what: our mother. Perfume Shrine presents you with some of them.

From Beautyhabit:

Beautiful solid fragrances encased in antique gold compacts in the In Fiore line. The scent comes in a base of jojoba oil and honey-scented beeswax. They look wonderful and they come in 6 scents:

Bois d'ete (with begamot, neroli and vetiver)

Fleur Orange (with neroli, jasmine sambac and Oman frankincense)

Fleurs blanches (with tuberose, jasmine, rose and orange blossom)

Fumee d'ambre (with incense, patchouli, vetiver and sweet amber)

Night Queen (with jasmine, bergamot peel, rose, oud and patchouli)

Patchouli Royale (with antique patchouli, oud, sandalwood and exotic balsams)

Rose Noir (with saffron absolute, Assam oud, galbanum and damascena rose)


The Mama Mio Supermama Kit kit is filled with daily essential skincare for you to enjoy. Starting with Mama Mio Moisturising Shower Cream: it is actually a baby cleanser! Mama Mio felt that every mama can use a little babying sometimes. That explains why it is so gentle – it won’t strip your skin like a harsh soap. And of course it is sodium laureth sulfate free – it’s from Mama Mio.

Next is the important exfoliation stage. The Supersmooth Body Buff will gently and effectively remove the dead skin cells that stop nourishment penetrating your skin. The tiny granules are micro-ground natural pumice blended with Sweet Almond Oil to ensure that the Body Buff slides easily all over and isn’t too harsh.

The Super-rich Body Cream is a must for every mama. It’s rich yet quickly absorbed, nourishing but light, and makes skin feel silky and, very importantly, smell gorgeous. So lavish your skin with this super-nourishing cream and glory at the glow and softness.

Mama Mio Wonder-Full Balm really is. Named Wonder-Full Balm because you will find a million different ways to use it. Nine natural oils in a beeswax base, it is really a solid oil that melts in contact with your skin and provides rich intense moisture. Best lip balm ever, fantastic cuticle cream, adios dry elbows, run away rough heels… You will pull it out of your bag five times daily and you will never travel without it.

Mama Mio Supermama Kit contains: Moisturising Shower Creme, 300mlSuper-rich Body Cream, 200mlBody Buff, 200mlWonder-full Balm, 30ml

From Ayala Moriel:

Pamper your Mom on Mother's Day with an all-natural fragrant gift. Nothing can beat a custom scent, especially designed for her. We particulary encourage mothers and daugthers to come together to the studio for a shared Olfactory Journey - an unforgettable experience of essences from around the world, where the exotic meets the familiar in the most magical way. At the end of a journey, your memories and passions will be bottled in an elegant parfum flacon and a pendant.
In addition, a few specials* just for the occasion: - Perfumed Teas are on special for $20 (instead of $30). These organic and wild crafted teas are TO DIE FOR! - Purse size perfume oils, for only $65 - Perfumed Pendants are on sale now for $125 (instead of $150) - Gift Certificates for $100 or for any amount you'd like can be emailed or printed as well. Email us with the amount and message you'd like on the gift certificate and we'll send you a PayPal payment request. - And of course, if you are looking for something different check out Etsy shop for rare collectibles such as poison rings and vintage pillboxes filled with our delicious crème parfums.

* Offers expire May 30th.

From Origins:

From May 1st through May 6th, there is an offer of 25% off your next purchase. And when shopping online, the code 0508FF gets youstandard free shipping.


  1. Anonymous20:59

    You picked nice things. I think that I will choose some big chocolate, because my mum loves it.

  2. Anonymous21:00

    BTW I like Etsy - full of great things.

  3. Chcocolate is always great! ;-)
    And yes, Etsy is a great way to shop and a nice "system" as well.


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