Sunday, March 23, 2008

The perfect drug?

Under the weather with the flu (which seems to strike at the Ides of March!). So, a little open poll for you in accompaniment to one of my most favourite clips.

Which scent would you choose as a background for this?

I simply love everything about it: So Beaudelairesque!

Clip of The Perfect Drugby Nine Inch Nails, from the soundtrack of Lost Highway


  1. Anonymous07:04

    I love this video. For me it evokes Vero Kern's Onda or Alexander McQueen's Kingdom.


  2. Great suggestions!!! (and welcome Nattygold)

  3. Anonymous14:55

    I love it too! I like the moments when he is angry and then the sinking in the water. And his great voice!
    I don't know many dark scents yet, so maybe Caron Narcisse Noir?

  4. Anonymous16:10

    Oh my.... I'm going with my first thought and that would be

    **Kenzo's Indian Holi.**

    And a very close 2nd would be **L'Artisan Voleur de Roses.** For some reason that video made me think very strongly of the color red and very deep red roses. It just really needed a pop of red in it somewhere.


    p.s. Feel better soon!!

  5. Anonymous18:59

    I haven't tried many dark scents yet either, but I'm thinking Ormonde Jayne's Orris Noir. To me it's a (beautiful) kaleidoscope of purples, deep blues, indigos and black. A bewitching sweetness cut by animalic notes.
    Fun poll! Thanks, Helg! And do get well soon!

  6. Malena20:06

    dear e.,

    i hope you´ll feel better, soon!

    nine inch nails have some really good songs - not to forget "hurt" which got famous through johnny cash´s interpretation was originally written by them.

  7. Anonymous23:27

    Hoping you'll feel better soon. The video made me think of the color purple. The only purple perfume I know is Poison (the original), so Poison it is for me.

  8. Wow I rather felt like I was watching Poe (especially The House of Usher). The coldness of CDG Avignon is what came to my mind while watching it.

  9. Mark Romanek is an incredibly beautiful video director - i remember when this first came out and everyone was so enthused. of course the absinthe scene sticks in my mind, so Nasomatto is it for me.

  10. Hope you're feeling better.

    I'd say Messe de Minuit seems an obvious choice.

  11. Lavinia,

    the water scenes are filmed in such a great way, aren't they? Narcisse Noir is definitely a floriental from another era.

  12. Dawn,

    what an interesting thought! Yes, the whole colour scheme is in blue and green, isn't it?
    I'd love it to be smelling of Voleur de Roses!! (it's such a great scent!)
    And I should try Indian Holi at some point.

  13. Thank you Molly for the wishes and glad you're enjoying it.
    I like your description very much :-))

  14. Dear C,

    thank you sweetie! Indeed they have some great stuff out.

  15. Sabina,

    purple for you....
    It seems this is producing strong colour reactions!
    I like your idea, not least because Poison is such a loaded name and fragrance!

  16. Jen, honey,

    yes! That must have been the idea behind it, I bet. There is that gothic tale touch in there for sure! (btw, ADORE Poe!)
    Avignon is an excellent choice!

  17. Dear Risa,

    you did catch the absinth, didn't you? ;-)
    (hence my Beaudelair ref). That was my exact same thought: something with absinth!
    Nasomatto's is very nice, I agree.

    I loved the direction in this one: the play with size (the little figures on the big domes, the very big vulture, the little child etc), the colour palette, the themes recurring....beautiful!

  18. Dear M,

    thank you, I am slowly recupperating (I think)...
    Messe has a rather weird, vampiric vibe, so I can definitely see it in this.

  19. dinazad14:28

    I beg to differ - Paco Rabanne La Nuit. Or possibly SL Miel du Bois with its strange, strange vibe....

  20. La Nuit, huh? Good!!
    Miel de Bois produced such a reaction in me, I have to think about this.Thanks Z!

  21. Anonymous21:42

    Its dark energy and wild drive make me think of Fracas. Lolita Lempicka maybe for the scene with the medaillon of the dark-haired girl and the absinthe or Midnight Poison but only at the beginning and only because of the colour dark-blue and its raw patchouli. No,
    Fracas would be MY choice. Dense and dark in the heat of action. And very fragile and so soft in the afterglow... Love NIN!!


  22. Somehow I knew you'd like it dear N! Great suggestions, thank you!


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