Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sailing off for a bit...and a Quiz

Poised like a lady with a trunk between travel and work, so there is no review or fragrant article for Friday. But that does not mean that I will neglect Perfume Shrine! The agenda is filled with things to experience and I am looking forward to sharing some of the fascinating things that will fill my next few days, upon my return.

In the interim, to thank you for the dedication which you have shown and the impressive pick up in hits, I have a LUCKY QUIZ for you which will demand your creative guessing and which will award the winner with a decant of the precious fragrance in question.
I smelled it after a long time on a supremely elegant colleague, while we were having a spot of unruly weather these past few days, and it brought back all the wonderful feelings I had of it. I don't know why I had been neglecting it myself! It's from a well-known house, quite unusual, has been reformulated and ultimately discontinued (NB: it has no relation to the pic).

Cast your votes then (as many as you want! the quiz will run till I get back) and if Internet connection doesn't fail me, I will check back to perhaps give an additional clue and declare the lucky winner.

So the game is afoot! Best of luck!

Pic Lady with a Trunk by lemank/flickr


  1. Maureen22:10

    organza indecence by Givenchy

  2. Maureen22:13

    or Organza

  3. Joan23:31

    Givenchy Organza. I have a full bottle that I purchased in the airport in Venice waiting for a flight home after a fabulous river cruise vacation through Italy. The bottle is exquisite, don't you think? I didn't know that it has been discontinued.

  4. Anonymous00:33

    That's Organza.

  5. That is most definately Organza Indecence, which I just bought this last fall, because Givenchy decided to re-issue it again, although the SA told me that they were going to discontinue it again. Because Givenchy loves screwing with us. I think I need to smell and look at my beauty.

  6. And I am wrong. I think it is Organza First Light.

  7. idea, but just to point out to guessers, she says:"(NB: it has no relation to the pic)." Which is unfortunate, as I'd love to win a decant of Organza Indecence!

  8. donanicola15:11

    Safe journey, E. My first guess is Guerlain Parure. Second, Mystere de Rochas.
    btw I'm intrigued by the Organza Indecence - has it been brought back does anyone know? I hear rumours but haven't seen it.

  9. Anonymous15:55

    YSL Nu...
    Have a nice journey!

  10. Joan18:50

    Whoops! I didn't notice the line that said "no relation to the pic" I would like to guess, Chaos by Donna Karran, or Shiseido Nombre Noir.

  11. Amy K19:46

    Tough quiz! Let's see...YSL Nu and Ralph Lauren Safari come to mind (but I'm not sure if they were reformulated before their discontinuation). I think I'll need more clues:)

  12. Jet-lagged, but the help of wireless and Blackberry allow a couple of hints:

    1)it's from a category of scents I enjoy
    2)it is someone famous' signature scent

    Pretty good guesses so far!

    You can continue casting your votes till my return.

  13. Aline15:19

    I think I got it: Mania! Armani first reformulated it, then discontinued the original and it's incense-based, a family you like I think. Although who wears this as a signature? (Beats me!!)
    I'd like to win some :))


  14. Anonymous15:40

    Hope you're having fun!! Looking forward to next write-ups.
    I am guessing Chloe!


  15. Joan16:27

    I think it may be Givenchy L'Interdit -

  16. Abigail17:21

    Tough, tough...Aliage, maybe?
    Will be gnawing on fingernails to find out.


  17. Amy K20:04

    Could it be Givenchy Le De? Hope you're having a great trip!

  18. Joan21:05

    OK, three more guesses then I will wait for more clues:

    Jackie O = Balenciaga Quadrille
    Dior Diorama
    Deneuve Parfum

  19. Oy, oy, Quadrille was a good guess. Wish I had thought of it myself :-(

    Scandale, perhaps. Have to think more(?)



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