Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jacques Polge for Chanel

A clip with Jacques Polge, in-house perfumer of Chanel, in which he explains the necessity of perfume.
You can also see the procedure of securing the neck of the extrait de parfum bottles with thread and a wax seal, properly called baudruchage (the coiling of the silk thread),barbichage and brossage (the following steps into securing the neck and seperating the ends of the thread). The whole process might take up to an hour.

Please check back later for the first blog review of Solange Cosmic.

Clip through Captain Lucas Inc.


  1. Thanks Karin.
    The packaging is a sight to see being made, n'est-ce pas?

  2. Anonymous19:55

    Fascinating! Do you think they need some more girls for the sealing..? ;-)

  3. I had the same thought as Lillie--I want to work there! (But only if they get some better music. I wonder how they feel about James Cotton?)

  4. N,

    I think they do, but judging by Guerlain who only has about 8 for the whole house, I find the odds rather slim.
    Still, would be a great idea!!

  5. M,

    you are all thinking on the same track; one might think I did it on purpose! LOL
    We will just have to mail them and ask about the music: perhaps they will not mind.


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