Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A reminder and a short announcement

May I remind you that the lucky draw for a free sample of Nombre Noir is still running. If you want to have your name entered, please leave a comment saying so.
Closing day: 31st January and the winner will be drawn on 1st February, to be announced shortly thereafter.

Please visit back tomorrow for the first review on the new Andy Tauer fragrance Insence Rosé, due out in March.


  1. Anonymous11:30

    Hi, I like to read your blog, thanks for this amazing place full of interesting information. I have one question, is there any article in your blog dedicated to aldehyde perfumes?

  2. Nina12:43

    Gosh, Helg, I thought I'd missed the draw for Nombre noir! I can't believe your generosity in giving away even a dribble of this precious juice. I'd love to smell what Luca was enthralled with, so please enter me. I read your blog every day, BTW, and enjoy learning so many things I didn't know.

  3. Lavinia-d,

    thank you for your most kind compliments on my blog.

    Not yet, but plan to. In the meantime, you might like the info I have included on my primer for perfumery on my main info site Perfume Shrine (linked at Links).

    Direct link to the primer: Perfume terms and trivia"

  4. Nina,

    of course I am including you and you're very welcome: wish I had more to spare, but even a smidgeon is the sort of thing that would really bring out a smile on the lucky recipient's face so that's all worth it.

    Thank you for your preference and continued interest. :-)


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