Thursday, December 27, 2007

Enchanted Forest of Desire

Watch this wonderful commercial for the Lolita Lempicka fragrance I came across. Subtitled L'Eveil du D├ęsir (the awakening of desire) it is centered around the sensual awakening of a young woman who enters an enchanted forest when the apple, fruit of sin and desire casts a spell on her with its fragrant message. I especially love the devious movement of the bottle, creeping up out of its own -seemingly- volition, like a poisonous vampiric little weed, entangling people in its wake in Jung-loaded imagery. Feast your eyes...

(uploaded by iccops)

Credits: Vincent Baguian/Bruno LeRoux (

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  1. Ah, an artisan, niche perfumer can only dream of a lovely video to accompany their creations. Thanks for sharing this dark, evocative gem, Helg.

  2. Dear Anya,

    hope you're having a good time during the holidays and a much needed rest.

    You're welcome, glad you liked it :-)
    Well, for those artisan, niche perfumers it's the lovely liquid inside that speaks! Of course an evocative video might be nice too.

  3. Oh my, that was very stirring! She needs some company, though--maybe she could hook up with that hyacinth-scented mechanic of AT's. BTW, I tried to leave a comment on your great review below, but Blogger ate it (my comment, that is.) If the scent is half as much fun as your review, it should be a keeper.

  4. LOL, yes, that mechanic should know a couple of tricks to regulate her engine!

    Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I am sure you will like it, it's quite interesting!


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