Monday, December 31, 2007

Best Wishes for the New Year!

From the good people at Herm├Ęs (who designed the above image and sent it) and from Perfume Shrine may the New Year be splendid for all of you!!

We will be back with surprises, the results of the poll and a lucky draw very soon. Stay tuned!


  1. A very happy New Year to you! May it bring you all the pleasures and challenges you desire.

  2. Malena17:30

    dear e. :)
    i, too, want to wish you a very happy new year - hopefully it will be wonderful & lovely scented ;)

  3. Joan19:34

    Happy New Year. Perfume Shrine has been a much looked-forward to highlight of my day.

  4. Maria B.22:42

    A happy, fragrant 2008 to you, Helg, and to Denyse! You have educated and entertained us this past year--and we want more! :-)

  5. May we all enjoy the new year !
    May it be an improvement !
    may we continue to learn from each other, and care for each other...
    In fragrant fellowship.

  6. Dear M,

    what a lovely wish! Thanks! I wish you the same and am sure you will get them.

  7. Dear C,

    thank you for your good wishes and may I also wish you a happy, fragrant new year with lots of wonderful discoveries.

  8. Dear Joan,

    you honour and flatter me.
    I am very happy that Perfume Shrine provides you with pleasure, as much as it brings me to write it.
    Happy new year!

  9. Dear Maria,

    thank you and hopefully Perfume Shrine will continue to be enjoyable and entertaining in this year too.
    Have a great new year ahead!

  10. Dear I,

    amen! From your mouth to...somebody's (it doesn't matter) ears.

    Thanks for being so entertaining and leaving such great, fun comments all this time!

  11. Happy New Year to a great blogger and refined perfumista! May 2008 be a prosperous and fun year for you.

  12. Thanks for your wishes and most kind words dear A and I echo the compliment :-)
    May you have a fruitful year, full of imaginative creations.

  13. The first of the New Year is a good time for a new start. So, after weeks of enjoying your blog almost daily, I've decided to delurk to wish you a happy New Year. Thank you for such a wealth of information and interesting historical perspective, lovely pictures and soundbites.
    Happy New Year :).

  14. Thank you Sabina for your profuse compliments and glad you delurked ;-) I welcome your commentary.

    Have a great new year ahead!

  15. leopoldo09:35

    Happy New Year!

  16. to you too dear! :-)


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