Monday, October 30, 2006

Fragrant news: from the spawn of Ricci, a new line

Romano Ricci, the grandson of the creator of the legendary Nina Ricci brand, and responsible for the candy-praline of the new Nina 2006 in the apple-shaped bottle is launching his own fragrance brand, Juliette Has a Gun Parfums; a name that brings to mind an Aerosmith song. The new line, inspired by Shakespeare's tragic heroine, will launch initially in Parisian high-end concept store "Colette" in December and the first two fragrances will be Lady Vengeance and Miss Charming. French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian of Narciso and Rose barbare fame (among many other creations) has been very busy behind those two rose-centered scents while designer Sylvie de France drew the bottles (opting for black for Lady Vengeance naturally and white for Miss Charming - cute concept to colour coordinate). The scents will come out in Eau de parfum concentration in 50ml and 100ml bottles, priced €60 and €85 respectively. The new brand is expected to launch in French department stores next year in time for Valentine’s Day at outlets undisclosed as yet. Ricci is so confident that he also plans to expand with a further three products sometime in 2007.

Scoop and pic via cosmeticnews

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