Saturday, January 7, 2006

Articles in the Press focusing on scent

This is a reference index of articles concerning smell appearing in the press which I have amassed through various sources. Parentheses are mine giving the focus of the article.

General Interest

A message in a bottle (perfume packaging) from Newsweek
A pungent puzzle (how language lacks scent vocabulary) from The Globe and Mail
Aveda, the problem with common scents (perfumer Ko-Ichi Shiozawa's quest for organic materials) in Science Daily
Bacteria Manage Perfume Oil Production From Grass (how bacteria aid in the production of vetiver oil) from Science Daily.
Beauty: the new weight of scent (trend towards solids) from Newsweek
Body Odors Individual as Fingerprints (60-Second Science podcast explaining how our natural smell is detectable underneath it all) at Scientific American.
Bottling your own personal smell (custom-made perfume and those who do it) from Newsweek
Catherine Deneuve and scent (she reveals her tastes) from Times Online
Common Scents (a new book tells you why sniffing pastries can make you nicer) from Newsweek Could perfume be the recession antidote? (a little pick-me up in hard times) from Times Online
Food and Flavour (how the two combine) from Foodarts
Giacomo's Scent (the celebrity scent of a horse!) from Newsweek
Italian scents (homage to Italian perfumery) from Osmoz
Let us spray (the animalic and dirty smells in perfume) from the Guardian
London shopping for perfume (the seven places you shouldn't miss) from the Guardian
Love Sskews your sense of smell from the New Scientist
Madagascar scents (the smells of Nosy Be island on the north of Madagascar) from MSNBC
Mysterious sweet smell from 2005 returns to Manhattan (the smell of maple suryp from a nearby company) from NY Times
Natural perfumery (natural perfumes and the Anya McCoy enterprise) from eworldwire
New scents crowd thriving perfume field (the super-exclusive one-off scents from L'artisan) from the International Herald Tribune.
Perfume: Start making scents (the focus on perfumes is escalating) from Newsweek
Return to Luxury from Times Online
Samurai (Home fragrances) on the NY Times
Scents and Personalities (an explanation of what your perfume says for you by Marian Bendeth, fragrance expert) from Lifewise Beauty
Scentimental France (Marian Bendeth explains her memories and impressions) from Basenotes
Scent of a man (Women rate masculine fragrances)in the Times Online
Scents of the city (Grasse perfume industry) from Newsweek
Smells Good (Turin and Sanchez pick women's perfumes from the holidays 2008) from Times Online
Smelly Masterpieces (a review of Perfumes, the Guide, giving a glimpse to the bean counters in Zurich and Paris) from Times Online
Solid scents that can last (on the trend of solids) from Newsweek
Taking a front seat (the case of a woman becoming a professional driver and how people respond to her perfume) from Newsweek
The Gift I never Want (why perfume giving isn't always a good idea) from the Atlanta Journal Constitution
The Good Life (Grasse history and operations today) from Newsweek
The Scent of a man (fragrance alters the way we view ourselves and thus how we are perceived) from The Economist
The Smell of Fear is Real (how it's not a myth according to scientists) from the Guardian
To bee or not to bee (bee repellants and scents affecting them) from Newsweek
Travel: Tours with a slice of sugar and spice (scented travelling guide) from Newsweek
Unisex Fragrances from the Times Online
Vintage fragrances en vogue from the Financial Times
Which Chanel perfume should you wear? (Marian Bendeth tackles Les Exclusifs) from Canadian Living
World Perfumery Congress Cannes from Time Magazine


Chanel and Rallet from Perfumer & Flavorist magazine
Francois Coty from the New Yorker archives (article from 1930)
Fragrance of the Pharaohs (Nenufar and the collection by David Pybus) from Newsweek
Joan of Arc and the forgeries of her relics (science debunks the forgery when Patou and Guerlain noses detect vanillin) from Lifestyle Extra UK
Inconvenient woman (on Mary Magdalene) from Newsweek
Questions in Qumran (archaeological discoveries regarding the ascetic Esenes Jews) from Newsweek
Perfume vials from the time of Jesus unearthed from MSNBC
Staying in the Saddle (the Hermes house history) from Newsweek
Terrasanta (on discovering terracotta pots with ancient ungunts from 1stcentury AD)-in Italian
Woman's best friend (the story of Lalique) from Newsweek

Catherine Deneueve from Times Online
François Demachy (Senior Vice President for Olfactive Development at Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) talks to ShinyGloss about the early days.
Jean Claude Ellena : Conjuring Paradise, from LA Times
Jacques Polge (on Chanel archives and re-issues) from the Living Scotsman
Roja Dove (on luxury and forgotten scents) from the Living Scotsman
Serge Lutens: l'etat de l'art from Osmoz
Victoria Beckham ("not sure everyone would want to smell like me") from Bang/

An alluring Perfume (on the film Perfume the story of a murderer) from Newsweek
Can certain hairstyles and smells make a headache worse? from Newsweek
Christian Lacroix brand takeover from Newsweek
Franken-tomato (genetically manipulated tomato exhibit different scent) from Newsweek
French company denied strawberry trademark from BBC
It's all in the bottle (the spirits business influenced by the perfume business) from Newsweek
Highlights and exclusives (luxury market watch) from Newsweek
Luxury for a little less (ideas in the middle of recession) from Newsweek
Organic Art Spoils the Pleasure of Patrons (artist Jan Fabre's installation at the exhibit COLLECTIE XXIII, which runs through 4/1 at the museum in Antwerp) from the Washington Post
Tip sheet (traveling by rail allows you to engulf your senses) from Newswek
The sweet smell of success (Lisa Price, founder of Carol's Daughter) from Newsweek
Truly, madly, deeply (the Theresa Duncan case, author, cinematographer and blogger) from Newsweek
What does the moon smell like? (Apollo 16 pilots reveal) from Boing Boing.Net
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