Monday, March 28, 2011

National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation respond to IFRA opposition

The National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation (NTEF), at the request of the Nevada Assemblyman who introduced the bill, AB234, has provided the science and legalities regarding the bill.

The fragrance industry is grasping at straws, over the Nevada Bill that addresses indoor barriers under the Americans for Disability Act. (ADA).
The bill entitled "Revises provisions governing places of public Accommodation", expands upon an existing state statute regarding accessibility for disabled residents.
The intent of the bill is to remove all air fresheners, air scented branding, fragrance, candles, etc., to comply with both state and federal laws regarding the ADA. Industry's standard response to any type of impediment to remove fragrance is by referencing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which is acknowledged on a case by case basis by various government agencies. The bill is for the protection of those with clearly defined and fully covered disabilities relating to the brain, neurological and respiratory systems. IFRA-NA's letter just muddled through with nothing to prove that their products are indeed not barriers, under the ADA.
The NTEF's response cited numerous independent peer-reviewed studies and government agencies, referencing that these have negative effects, even when used as directed.

The fragrance and air freshening industries, would like the public to think they are safe and fully researched. When in fact they are not required by law to test or list all the ingredients. The public needs to realize that the number of people with hidden/non perceivable disabilities outnumber the more readily identifiable ones.
No disability should ever be denied access to public accommodations.

The full response can be read at NTEF-USA.Org.

National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) , non-profit organization
whose core purposes are to provide research, education and services to the growing segment of the population who are adversely affected by everyday chemicals and toxins in our environment. Established in 1998

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  1. d3m0lici0n02:34

    Wow! Have you read the website? Those guys are gonna make you leave on a bubble, each of us, according to them EVERYTHING is bad, from cosmetics, perfumes, even toothpaste besides cellphones, maybe they will have to kill all the flowers and everything that has a smell... Those guys are INSANE!!!

  2. One can't help wonder how the human being ever survived in the past few millions of years without the benevolent supervision of these dedicated entities.

    Or exactly how long will we survive after we've become a race of bland clones totally isolated from the surrounding environment.

  3. I know these types. They live alone, keep lots of cats, and are afraid of practically everything.

  4. I am a person with an "invisable" disability and I find this stuff to be getting way out of hand. At this point, I am going to keep wearing perfume. The minority should not be ruling over the majority.

  5. Forget the cats--they smell! They live in an empty room, sleep on an organic mattress, covered by organic cotton sheets. They never eat anything spicy and everything must be cooked very, very well. Honestly! When will this stop? We can't live in a bubble or be wrapped in bubble wrap. Life is FULL of risks--that's the sad truth. Personally, I'm really sick and tired of being told what I can and cannot do. If I want to wear perfume and YOU don't like it--move away! That's what I do! As you can see my blood is boiling!

  6. Agree with all of you. This does remind one of "bubble living". Which is not as innocent as it seems. I'm willing to accept that there are many pollutants in cosmetics (and perfumes, possibly) but the environmental load is so much heavier. Makes one think...



  7. michael muscles06:07

    This pisses me off. How dare they try to restrict the use of naturals from perfume. If they are so afraid of people being allergic why dont they go cut down every tree and burn every plant that could cause an allergy. Its your responsibilty to know what you are allergic too and its NOT anyones fault. Leave the perfume houses alone. If every perfume becomes synthetic I will not buy them. I detest Givaudons synthetics and can tell when they are sometimes used. Unless its the only option, like you dont want to hurt and kill a whale… but otherwise dont ban naturals! Synthetics are much worse. People will always be allergic to different things. You can not create a perfect world with synthetics. What you will create is a cheap smelling, artificial mess and the next time that “overly sensitive” patient goes for a walk in the woods with her synthetic perfume, she will still get an allergic reaction to a tree! Why not bN camping,parks, forrests, & woods while your at it too?!! Honestly, I have never heard something so absurd. Who ever thought this one up has too much time on their hands.

  8. Michael,

    it is as you say. But it shows they're "doing something" in a world that has so many problems right now. That's their excuse.

    Thanks for chiming in.


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