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Venezia by Laura Biagiotti is Back

A long discontinued best-seller by Laura Biagiotti, Venezia, the fragrance that launched a thousand upstarts and dupes across the globe, is being re-issued by the company due to high demand. Information weaned from German sites wants it to be a re-issue that is answering the huge demand of fans of this oriental legend inspired by Venetian carnival with the tag motto "A seduction of the senses".

Laura Biagiotti was inspired to give a brief for Venezia after a journey to Pechino, while the pierrot hat is reminiscent of the carnival and the traditional Comedia del'Arte figurines, as well as Santi George's bell tower in Venice.

Venezia, the fragrance launched in 1992, its heart of woody spicy oriental notes typically Italian and was circulating into the middle and late 1990s although its genre was snubbed at the time due to the huge trend of aquatics/ozonics that dominated the decade; it garnered a cult following.

the re-issued bottle of Venezia (pic of official, new campaign)

The top notes of Laura Biagiotti's Venezia feature Italian hesperides (i.e. citruses), a green accord, peach, plum and bergamot. The heart is full of rose, carnation, cinnamon and iris, while the base is comprised of sandalwood, tonka bean, benzoin and vanilla.

Additionally we learn that Venezia will hit counters this coming autumn 2011. The new edition of Venezia is sold only in Germany and Italy, but it is not a limited edition. Actually you can buy the Eau de toilette, the Bodylotion and the Shower Gel in those countries.
Users from Europe and USA can buy the re-issued Venezia perfume exclusively online on the official website


  1. Sofi12:22

    What a surprise!!Venezia is back!!Clasic fragrance of Biagiotti!Elegant and sophisticate!However my favourite is "Laura" by the same.Peach, plum, watermelon, lychee, musk and bergamot make it irressistible!

  2. Nice! I wore this in the 90's and loved it. I wonder if the formula is original...or if we'll be disappointed in a reformulation...

  3. I'm wondering the same as Karin. Will it smell like the original or will it be a mere shadow of its old self? Being realistic I assume the latter.

    But it's good news that the people at Laura Biagotti finally listened to their customers & bring it back at all!

  4. No way! I was thinking about Venezia just the other day! Actually, it was Venezia Pastello that was on my mind, but still, the original was just as lovely. Thank heaven someone listened to reason. And thank you for being the bearer of good news :)

  5. Sofi,

    it's a mystery why Venezia was discontinued as it was so loved by so many, apparently. Yet, I can see how it was -at the time- an anomaly at the counters, which were all blueish and diaphanous. It seemed incongruous, somehow, with the zeitgeist.
    Laura is very nice and one of the few "transparents" in the mainstream which isn't completely insipid.

  6. Karin,

    to toss an optimistic note, I don't see huge amounts of ingredients that are considered a "peril" (ha!) under newest restrictions, so I think they'll manage not to wreck it in recomposing.

  7. M,

    it's wonderful that they're hearing their customer base! I agree.

    Well, let's see. I think it might have more to do with sourcing than with restrictions. The basic structure is a woody balsamic and those are not particularly rationed ingredients (contrary to oakmoss or citruses or even the lowering of jasmine). Considering the original wouldn't be constructed on natural sandalwood (and I bet it was not), it's pretty OK to assume it will be relatively safe.
    That said, I need to check the ratio of spices in Venezia, though, that might pose a problem (eugenol and isoeugenol being both rationed heavily).

  8. Dusan,

    so nice to see you! Serendipity or what? :D
    Venezia Pastello I always see online on auctions and never jumped the gun to get a bottle. Don't know why, as it's plausible as a frag. I remember it from the stores, when the company tried to "dilute" the concept to appeal to the consumer who was familiar with clear juice and more "pastel" presentations. Remember those times? Now they need to paint everything black and feature tons of oud! LOL
    It's great news that they're bringing it back. It being a LE might create a panic at the counter to get every last bottle!

  9. Oh, I've never tried this, but I know someone who has been missing it terribly! I can't wait to tell her.

  10. K,

    isn't that simply great? Imagine a fan's elation in finding this piece of info out. It should be fun to watch her face as you deliver the news. :-)

  11. Hi, big compliments for the Perfume Blog, I love it and I am following it from Italy. :) I am working for the Laura Biagiotti Fashion House and I just want to tell you that this week we have opened our official perfume shop online and are selling also 'Venezia'. The link is (I hope it is ok to insert the shop domain, otherwise please cancel it).
    Kind regards from Rome,
    Johanna :)

    1. Anonymous17:29

      What is the main difference between venezia and venezia pastello? I fell in love with venezia as a teenager and cant believe its back however dont rememver if it was venezia or the venezia postello i fell in love with.

  12. Johanna,

    thank you! It is absolutely all right to include the link. We only don't support outright spam, this is both relevant and very useful to the reader :-)

    Thanks again for your comment, I appreciate your nice words.

  13. Anonymous12:35

    I purchased the new version last year but have found it much lighter and floralish without the stunning headiness of the original. It's sadly just sitting on my shelf :-(

    I still have two small bottles of the original as well as the shower gel which have retained something of the original. Irma Shorall (??) has a much better dupe that is closer - but I think none of the new ones have the Wong shi (?) blossom in them...

  14. Anonymous14:34

    Not as long sweetness and not as long freshness as in the old one. Not as deep the smell as in the old one. Allmoust the same but not as heavenly still as the old one. Something is missing...
    Such a long years (youth is forby :) ) of heartache, dissapointment and now... not full satisfaction - they changed the formula.
    'All i won'na say is, they don't REALLY care about us'...

  15. Anon #1,

    funny, as I had heard the IS dupe wasn't 100% close either (compared to some others they "dupe"), so I bet you're disappointed in the re-issue. :-(
    Enjoy what you have though, sounds like a small treasure!

  16. Anon #2,

    close but no cigar...Story of reformulations everywhere.
    It's sad. :-(

    To give them a wide berth of doubt though, they probably had their hands tied due to latest regulations regarding ratio of ingredients. I bet the spicy bits had to be surgically removed.

  17. Anonymous16:30

    Received mine today.....very disappointed it is in no way near the original cheap and nasty ...gutted

  18. Hi and sorry for the late reply.

    Venezia Pastello is a completely different perfume. It's a "flanker", meant as a new perfume using the name and design of a best-seller to coat-tail on its success (hope I'm getting my idioms right). The Pastello is an airy floral fruity, slip of a thing; a happy and not too serious girl. The original Venezia is an oriental, deep. spicy, sonorous woman.

    1. The above goes for a comment by Johanna who asked about the difference between original venezia and venezia Pastello.

  19. Article 2011..I read it in 2020.. Nowdays any versions of Venezia are unavailable. Even in the Internet shops there is no. Only edt Roma is possible to get.


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