Thursday, March 26, 2009

Esxence: first olfactory exhibition by perfumers

April 2 marks the opening of the round table discussion "Perfumers speak" (at 11:30), part of the exhibition Esxence, which will take place in Milan, Italy from 2nd April though 5th April 2009. Esxence is the the first professional fair show dedicated to niche perfumery tagged "The Scent of Excellence" hosted at Spazio Pelota, Via Palermo 10 in Brera, the artistic centre of Milan.
Professional noses of French, Italian and British origins will be upfront with the public, granting them a glimpse into the secret cosmos of the fragrance industry, allowing them to see a bit of the Science and the Art of perfumery, the originality and passion that drives them. According to the official info:

"In Italy the art perfumery has gained a relevant dimension not only in terms of revenues generated but also in terms of number of dedicated retailers. The innovative distribution approach that has been developed and adopted by the Italian market in the last few years has attracted the attention of many international operators. The quality and excellence involved in this market are what make it at the same time vital and respectful of traditions, in addition to being highly responsive to new ideas that may flow against the current. Esxence is created to be an international house, a place where opinions meet along with experiences, proposals, provocations and know-how. Esxence will host main firms, Italian and international distributors that will support the firms, along with the press, buyers, Italian and international retailers".

Mark Buxton and Stéphane Humbert Lucas, prolific creators in the service of numerous niche brands (let me remind you of Comme des Garcons), Erwin Creed, descendent of the famous Creed dynasty and on the helm of the historical house, as well as Lorenzo Villoresi, the well-known Florentine creator with his own line of artisanal fragances, will all participate. Sebastian Fischenich and Tobias Mueksch will be the protagonists in the "Theater of emotions" project on Friday April 3, at 14:30 as well as Antoine Vuillermet, perfumer for the Breton brand Lostmarc’h.

Last but not least on Friday April 3 at via Brera n.6 there is also the public presentation by Pierre Guillaume, creator of Parfumerie Generale, of his newest L’Eau Guerrière, belonging to “Collection Privée”.

The list of participating brands can be seen here. Admission is by invitation only, but you can download the invitation on this link.

For information call: +39 02-72023334
Click for map of centre Pelote via Google Maps

Pic of M.Buxton via Elternhaus and of Guillaume via Pafumerie Generalle.


  1. How I wish I could go to this.

  2. J,

    it's certainly fascinating. Hope to be able to attend.


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