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Scent Links

Links in alphabetical order. None of the following is sponsored/paid for.

Email me if you find broken links or want to add one (at my discretion).

General Info

Agora Global aromatherapy archive
Art et Parfum-homage to Edmond Roudnitska (maintained by his son Michel Roudnitska)
Au Parfum-magazine containing news, articles and a forum (in French)
Basenotes-articles on perfumes, fragrance news, a big fragrance directory and lively fora
Biblioparfum -reference material (in French)
Chandler Burr-the site of the NY Times fragrance critic and author
Fragrance Directory-Michael Edwards info for The Fragrance Foundation
Fragrantica -directory of fragrances, news and articles
Fabulous Fragrances-the site of Jan Moran (author of Fabulous Fragrances books)
Fragrance Families -basic categories
Javaslublu-perfume houses and fragrances directory
Leffingwell-info siteon perfume, flavour and chemistry
Leffingwell Perfume Genealogy (classification chart for feminine fragrances)
Leffingwell Perfume Genealogy (classification chart for masculine fragrances)
Les Editions Assalit -books, affiches and published collectibles on perfume
Lucky magazine the beauty blogroll
LVMH perfumes and cosmetics (in French)
Osmoz-info site on fragrance families, materials, industry news, with discussion forum and multimedia presentations (mainted by Firmenich)
Perfume Intelligence -encyclopedia of perfume
Perfume Projects the Lightyears Collection -online perfumery museum
Perfumespedia-a perfume encyclopedia
Parfumessence-le magazine qui parfume le web (in French)
Parfums le Guide -Luca Turin's 1994 guide (in French)
Perfumes the Guide -site of authors Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez
Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine-online magazine
Perfume Review Guide
Perfumeworld-information and classification of perfumes
Sarah Jessica Parker perfume -the site of Sarah Jessica Parker perfumes
Scented Pages-bibliography on all aspects of perfume maintained by Marcello Aspria
Scented Pages bookmarks
Serge Lutens Nearly All Facts-a French fan's site, contains notes and info on points of sale
Serge Lutens Fan Site-unofficial site of Lutens fans (in French)
Sniffapalooza Magazine-online magazine for the Sniffapalooza event and lots of other info, updated twice a month, mainted by Raphaella Brescia
Toutenparfum-information about perfume houses and advertising
World Perfumery Congress 2007-site devoted to the World Perfumery Congress in Cannes, France (held in 2007) Lots of history and links.

For Collectors

Becker Street Antiques for bottles and for perfume ads & labels
Okadi -advertising(in French)
Parfum de Pub (in French)

Fragrance Companies

Drom Fragrances
Firmenich & CIE
Firmenich Fragrance Ingredients
Fragrance Resources
Givaudan Fragrance Ingredients
International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
IFF Fragrance Ingredients
Quest International
Quest Fragrance Ingredients

Miscellaneous Beauty Links
Makeup Provisions: Professional cosmetics Makeup Artists Provisions have been supplying professional makeup artists in the TV, film, and special effects industries for over 10 years.

Online decanters

Eiderdown Press: Unique Books, Perfume Decants & Perfume Journal-kept by Suzanne
The Posh Peasant-Abigail Levin's site of sales
The Perfumed Court-three women combine their collections to bring lots of choice
Les Ateliers du Parfum-based in Switzerland, in French

Organizations and Institutions

American Society of Perfumers-organization of perfumers working in the US
Couleur Parfum -perfume releases and press material
Fragrance Foundation-fragrance information and classification by Michael Edwards
Fragrance Foundation classification of fragrances -Index
Fragrance Materials Association
Fragrances of the World -professional database
Fragrances of the World online -index
International Fragrance Association
Grasse Perfume Museum -the renovated museum in capital of French perfumery, Grasse (in French)
ISIPCA-International Superior Institute of Perfume, Cosmetics and food Aromas (the only perfume school based in Versailles, France)
Museum del Parfum (in Spanish & in English)
Osmotheque -perfume museum in Versailles, France, perfume directory (in French)
Prodarom -perfumery school
Quelques Gouttes de Luxe -Comité Française du Parfum (in French)
Sense of Smell Institute -smell research
Sniffapalooza-an event organised in NYC gathering people interested in fragrances to sniff together
Société Française des Parfumeurs-perfume classification, perfumers and other related issues (in French)
Women in Flavor and Fragrance Commerce

Perfumery Natural Manufacturers and Essences

A Little Ol Factory
Anatolian Treasures
Anya's Garden
Ayala Moriel Perfumes
A Woman of Uncommon Scents
Bo Jensen's Guide to Essences and Essential oils
Eden Botanicals
Essential Aura
Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages (in English & in German)
Illuminated Perfume by Roxana Villa
Jeanne Rose -all things herbal
Liberty Natural
Natural Perfumery-natural perfumery and perfumers site with a yahoo discussion group
Norfolk Essential Oils -Abdes Salaam
Scent Garden

White Lotus Aromatics

Perfumers Artisanal

Armando Martinez
Tauer Perfumes (Andy Tauer)
Soivohle (Liz Zorn)
Sonoma Scent Studio (Laurie Erickson)
Vero Profumo (Vero Kern)

Perfume Fora

Fabulous Fragrances
Perfume Addicts
Perfume Isle
Perfume of Life

Raw Materials (scent & flavour)

Albert Vieille
Azur Fragrances
Biolands Parfumerie
Drom Fragrances
Fragrance Resources
Haarmann & Reiner SA
Robertet S A
Ungerer & Company

Training in Perfumery

Bottle up emotions (Fragrance Creator)
Perfume Lab (Fragrance creator)
Natural perfumery Course at Anya´s Garden
Natural perfumery Course at Ayala Moriel
Perfumes World
The Fragrance Foundation (ONG)
The American Society of Perfumeurs (ONG)
H&C (Brasil)
Plymouth (UK)

Tours in perfume capitals
Perfume Paths-individualized tours of the perfume stops of interest in Paris
Perfume Pilgrim- individualized tours of the perfume stops of interest in London
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